Why are we Extraordinary Systems Integrators?

Redi Technologies has a unique blend of industry knowledge, client operational requirements, client relationships, and programing standards that allows us to formulate solutions uniquely suited to our clients needs.  Having added ICS cybersecurity services to these skills sets puts us in a unique position to provide protection to critical infrastructure systems.

Some of our Extraordinary Services
  • *Detailed Object Oriented Programming
  • *Detailed Safety System Programming and Design
  • *OSHA CFR 1910 Compliant PHA Facilitation
  • *Alarm Rationalization
  • *Live Cause and Effect Diagrams
  • *Detailed ICS Cybersecurity Analytics
What Sets us Apart?
  • *Extensive Commissioning Planning, Procedures, and Execution
  • *Comprehensive Training for Client Operators on all Systems
  • *Recognized Expertise in Industrial Controls by Clients and our Manufacturing Partners
  • *Decades of Experience in a Broad Range of Industries
  • *Certified ICS Cybersecurity Planning, Assessments, and Solutions
  • *We are there for you when you need us from extended Commissioning, Startup through Operations at all Hours

Some Programmable Logic Controllers have been out and about for 20+ Years, doing what they do best.  

Eventually the maker produces a new controller to replace the previous version.  Normally the new controller has many new features that the replacement did not have.  Later, the maker will stop making the previous controller altogether and encourage their customers to migrate and upgrade the previous controller to another type.

Let Redi Technologies assist you in accessing the current state of your systems before they are obsolete. We will take a detailed assessment of what you have in your facility and list the current status of the items. If the controller or IO modules are discontinued we will make suggestions as to what the maker suggests and assist in installing the new parts.

*Training on Systems we have Installed with Operations and Maintenance

*Training on Programming on Supported Platforms

*ICS Cybersecurity Training - Policies, Procedures, Assessments, Incident Handling, and Other Core Cybersecurity Details. 

Redi Technologies understands the need of our clients and operators.  We provide 24-7 technical support on all systems we install. We can also provide Technical Support Contracts for any of your facility needs.  

We provide complete network designs for all ICS architectures.  From firewalls, DMZ's, Routers, Switches, for all applications. Network types include Ethernet (IP, TCP-IP, ICMP, UDP), Modbus RTU or TCP-IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, DNP3, Etc.

Complete Engineering Solutions with Full System Documentation.  Includes Plans, Panel Layouts, Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, J-box Layouts, Specifications, Data sheets, Indexes, and all other standard Engineered products for Control Systems.

The Difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is just that little "extra"

Commissioning and Startup

Redi Technologies has extensive experience in Commissioning Plan and Procedure Development, Commissioning management, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), On site Functional Checkout (FCO) Including all of the instrument loops and I/O, Cause and Effect Diagram validation testing and sign off, Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), Full commissioning documentation for sign-off recording, and System Acceptance Test and Sign off Documentation.






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We have expertise in all of the IEC-61131 languages.  We have experience in any controller configuration including Programable Logic Controllers(PLC), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Safety Integrated System (SIS) or Remote Terminal Units (RTU)s.  

Control programming skills include object oriented programming for controllers and HMI's, for standard controls such as PIDs, Motor Controls(VFDs and MCCs), Valve Control Stations(analog and digital), Interlock and permissive state tables, Live Cause and Effect Diagrams, Alarm Management Configuration, and Historian Configuration.